Parking Monitor provides essential management info

After having carried through a major reorganisation of its parking management division, Leiden city authorities were eager to measure the results.

Photo: Spark

In close in collaboration with Spark, a Parking Monitor was designed that would enable more informed management decision-making.

The Parking Monitor has become a vital part of providing Leiden authorities with essential information regarding the implementation, effects and results of their parking strategy, as well as providing insights and analytics of the actual use of parking facilities and revenue trends.

The Leiden Parking Monitor contains the data of all the council’s parking facilities including locations, number of parking spaces, regulations, rates and payment points. It also includes all data regarding parking rights and transactions. Every ticket sold, whether on- or off street, paid using cash or a mobile app is registered in the database.

The monitor has, for instance, helped identify a shift from onstreet parking to off-street parking options. The authorities have also used the Parking Monitor to establish the effects of new parking policies, including council employee parking permits.