Amsterdam Schiphol Airport – parking strategy and expansion plans

The ever evolving and expanding Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, started looking for ways to replace part or all of its existing P2 parking area.

Photo: Spark

Schiphol asked Spark to research the possibilities for alternative parking facilities to replace, or partially replace, the P2 capacity. Based on an airport-wide analysis, Spark drew up a report specifying in detail the expected footprint, potential parking capacity, expected volume and the future routing of the various options. In order to make the future parking area as user-friendly as possible and to fit it into the existing road network, special attention was given to routing, ramps, exits and entrances, capacity and parking services. Spark also looked at the needs and wants of P2 users (including the frequency and length of stay) as well as infra-structural limitations.

Based on the report drawn up by Spark, Schiphol acquired in-depth insight into the various potential parking options for both travellers and employees and was able to make an informed choice.