Rotterdam – parking marketing plan

Rotterdam boasts extensive parking and Park & Ride options for visitors to the bustling city centre. However, familiarity with these parking options remains low amongst visitors.

Photo: Spark

With a bustling and busy city centre, Rotterdam City has, in the past years, invested much in its parking- and P&R facilities. Getting to the city centre has never been easier, but the actual use of the facilities remains far below capacity.

Rotterdam City asked Spark to draw up a marketing plan to boost the use of the large choice of parking facilities. Based on our experience with similar projects, we firstly conducted an internal and external analysis of the parking locations and their potential target groups. For every location, we identified the most important end destinations and specific target groups using the parking facility.

Based on analysis, a list was drawn up of immediately effective measures, as well as middle- and long-term recommendations, including promotion and improved accessibility. A marketing communication plan formed the basis of a catchy advertising campaign as well as providing a clear outline for relevant organisational and planning related action points. For this project, Spark worked in close collaboration with Erasmus University Rotterdam and Het Stormt.