Optimising wayfinding in major shopping centre car park

Cório, part of the Klepierre group of companies and European shopping centre specialist, asked Spark to advise on the layout of Vredenburg car park beneath the new Hoog Catherijne shopping centre next to Utrecht Central Station.

Graph: Spark

Essential part of the brief was to create an excellent wayfinding system that would provide visitors with the best parking experience: making it easy to find their way and help them get to their destination quickly.

Spark conducted an in-depth analysis of the existing car park and its location within the city’s infrastructure. We identified future users and their destinations inside and outside of the car park. Based on these data, we drew up a user profile that included the complete user cycle: from time of entry, to parking, route, and destination, through to the time of departure.

In order to guide users to their destination as efficiently as possible, Spark identified key locations: places that are vital for providing visitors with wayfinding information. By pinpointing the exact locations where such choices are made, we were able to avoid superfluous signage and therefore save on potential costs.

Spark provided Cório with the following:

  • An information matrix specifying at which points wayfinding is necessary and what is needed to help users to find their way.
  • An inventory which maps all locations where wayfinding must be put in place and a list specifying which information must be made available at each one of these locations.

Based on these recommendations, Cório was able to complete and enhance the layout of Vredenburg car park.