Opening up a private car park to the public

Rotterdam city was looking to make a car park open to the general public. Spark was asked to research the feasibility of dual (i.e. paid and free) parking access.

The 148 spaces of the car park beneath a school in the centre of Rotterdam were for the sole use of staff and visitors to the school located. With the advent of a sports facility next to the school, the city authorities (being the main lessee of the building) wanted to enable public access to the car park. This required a new management and operations policy to be put in place. To this effect, Spark compiled an inventory of existing parking options and services, as well as those required for paid parking, while guaranteeing maximum user satisfaction.

Once a full list of requirements had been drawn up, Spark also took care of the tendering procedure on behalf of Rotterdam city authorities. In order to ensure the transition from private to public car park ran smoothly, Spark took on the asset management of the car park during the first year that the new dual parking policy was implemented.