WTC The Hague – monitoring parking behaviour at charging stations

Spark’s Parking Monitor in use to attain valuable insights into parking behaviour.

Graph: Data from similar projects

World Trade Centre The Hague offers visitors enhanced parking services and facilities. Charging stations for electric cars were installed. Standard software delivered by suppliers with such stations generates a certain amount of data – such as cost of use – but usually such data is very limited in scope.

In order to provide WTC management with a better insight into parking behaviour, Spark developed a parking monitoring tool that uses available transaction data to generate monthly management reports on parking behaviour.

In this way, information that can be used to enhance revenue and customer experience, such as average parking time, actual use over a weekly period and the maximum, consecutive use of the charging stations. This helps determine whether there are a sufficient number of charging stations, as well as to counter unwanted use: for instance, by residents who regularly leave their car plugged into a charging station for two days, or more, in a row.