London Gatwick Airport – Optimising future parking revenues

As the number of passengers using off-site parking facilities was increasing, London Gatwick Airport was looking for ways to lure back passengers to airport car parks.

Photo: Spark

Expectations are that the number of passengers flying via London Gatwick Airport will increase over the coming years. An essential prerequisite for this growth, however, is excellent accessibility, including road access and parking facilities. Increasingly, Gatwick has seen a drop in parking revenues as a result of a rise in the number of alternative, competing parking facilities in the vicinity of the airport. This does not only mean a drop in revenues, but also a drop in service quality offered travellers on the so-called ‘landside’ parking facilities.

Spark – in collaboration with ACTM Airport Consultancy – advised London Gatwick Airport regarding client-friendly parking services and revenue management (based on a client-oriented pricing strategy in order to boost income) to help optimise parking revenues.