European tender – outsourcing parking operations at Schiphol

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport’s management had decided to outsource the operational management of all parking facilities. Working in close collaboration with Schiphol’s Parking & Mobility Services, Spark conducted the European tender for finding a suitable outsourcing partner.

Photo: Spark

One of the major challenges was to find a party with not only sufficient know how and expertise to be able to offer professional solutions, but who was also prepared to take over the existing pool of parking employees.

In close collaboration with Schiphol Parking & Mobility Services, Spark conducted the European tender. During a pre-qualification round, four parties were selected. These parties were asked to bring out a bid based on the tender document. Essential part of this document was the List of Requirements that specified the exact requirements that had to be met in the future service offering. This programme not only specified the existing service levels, but also aimed to accommodate the know-how and expertise of the tendering parties.

After the most fitting party had been selected, negotiations were commenced with employee representatives to formalise the move of employees to the new parking operations company.