Italy – design audit of parking spaces in Como

An audit, conducted by Spark, helped determine the actual usability of planned parking spaces in a holiday home park in Como.

Photo: Spark

The owner’s association of a holiday home park in Como called upon Spark to carry out an audit of the plans for new parking spaces. The main concern of the owners was whether the spaces – as projected in a number of existing buildings – were actually usable.

Spark was asked to check the design specifications and determine the following:

  1. The total number of parking spaces: taking into account the available space and contours.
  2. The number of parking spaces per category:
  • Formal spaces that comply with design standards and recommendations on parking facilities for passenger cars;
  • Informal spaces that are usable, although they do not fully comply to design standards;
  • Unusable spaces: not or hardly suitable for parking.

Using simulation software, Spark verified if entrance and exits, as well as the individual parking spaces were actually usable. Based on these results, the design of a number of the parking facilities was adapted to ensure easy routing and make all parking spaces usable.