Copenhagen – parking enforcement solution

Inspired by the digital parking systems already used in the Netherlands, Copenhagen city authorities wished to implement similar parking enforcement software, including state of the art scan vehicles.

Photo: Spark

In collaboration with our Danish partner, Spark advised the Copenhagen city authorities with compiling and filing a European tender for a digitized parking enforcement solution. Spark drew up the requirements and assessed the submitted bids, in close collaboration with both our partner and the authorities.

The new system allows for scan vehicles to be used to enforce paid parking, as well as the use of handheld devices by parking officers. Parking tickets are purchased using a debit- or credit card and users have to enter their licence plate number in the parking machine. The user- friendly ticketless system also allows for real time monitoring and enforcement.

The Copenhagen authorities were inspired by the systems and developments in the Netherlands and wished to implement a similar enforcement solution: not in order to cut back on the working hours of parking officers, but to enable them to use their time more effectively. It is the intention of the city authorities to make the data available for third-party use.