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Spark is the leading parking consultancy firm in the Netherlands. We help clients find the best solutions for all parking related issues.

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We know everything there is to know about parking. We’ll help you make parking part of your overall mobility strategy and point you to innovative solutions and best practice operations.
Whether it’s parking spaces for cars or bicycles, we can help you maximize user satisfaction and revenues. Want to know how many parking spaces are required, what type of bays best suit the job, what costs you can expect or how you can achieve cost efficiencies while increasing user convenience and satisfaction? Turn to Spark.

Parking solutions for a changing world
At Spark, we like to think we know even what we don’t know. Because we believe that there are many solutions that still need to be explored. By researching and challenging today’s status quo, we find tomorrow’s solutions. We work towards making parking and mobility contribute to a cleaner, safer and sustainable world. Our search for the best solutions is an ongoing process, so that we can continue to provide fitting answers to new challenges.

One of those challenges is keeping parking affordable for everyone. At Spark we know which technology best fits your needs. We are experts in car park design. And we have a proven track record in procuring the best products and services at the best price for our clients.

We don’t own parking facilities. That’s what you do.
Providing you with the best parking solutions. That’s what we do.

Our clients
Our portfolio of long-standing clients – ranging from city councils, investors, housing associations, retailers, hospitals, to universities and airports – says it all. From managers to car park attendants: they count on our consultancy and support services to help them overcome their parking related challenges.

From drawing up a parking strategy to putting in place fully operational parking organization. From facing resistance to creating support. From threats to opportunities. From questions to insights. From us, to you.

Foto: Pascal Blanchet

Photo: Pascal Blanchet

We are DNR 2011 certified.

Making the difference
‘You never get a second chance for a first impression’ is the saying. And it’s something that, we believe, is also true for a parking space: it’s the very first experience of your destination. It’s why we compare it to the lobby of a hotel, the reception in an office or the hallway in a home. They’re all places where we want you, as a visitor, to feel welcome.

Why then is it that so little attention is spent on parking facilities? Most businesses, offices, institutions, hospitals and universities limit their welcome to visitors entering through the main door. But what about the vast majority of visitors who come by car or bicycle? Their first encounter is with your parking facility. How are you using this first chance to make a lasting impression?

Similarly, cities go out of their way to attract visitors to their centres with unique ‘visitor experiences’. Are you aware that such a unique experience starts in the car: with a visitor driving round frustrated in search of a parking space, only to be treated to a badly lit, dirty, unsafe and poorly signposted car park? Which unique parking experience are visitors to your city undergoing?

We have the know-how to help you make people feel welcome. Whatever your organisation or business, we’ll find and implement parking solutions that will enhance your clients’ experience on arrival and departure. We know how to transform any parking facility into one that stands out and attracts users, whether for only a single visit or for multiple ones.

How? By using innovative technologies that facilitate payment, wayfinding, safety and entry to and exit from car parks. In fact, we can turn your car park into a showpiece that tells and the story of what your company or organisation stands for and what you wish your client or visitor to experience. After all, an attractive destination is an accessible destination. It’s a destination that people return to gladly.