Managing and improving revenues: are you charging the right price?

Parking tariffs are subject to change, so are parking zones. Parking machines break down, are moved or replaced. The number of payment options is increasing. But are you managing to adapt your systems on time to ensure that users are paying what they should?

Foto: Spark

Foto: Spark

You have control tools and procedures in place to check whether parking income (both cash and bank transactions) matches parking data from ticketing machines. But, in a quickly changing parking landscape do you have the checks in place to make certain your machines are actually charging the right tariffs? Now that is easier to introduce multiple tariffs within one parking area, how can you make sure your parking machines are programmed to recognise the different rates and charge the appropriate tariffs?

At Spark we know it’s anyone’s challenge to filter out the information required to check ticket pricing. After all, the volume of available parking data is increasing daily. That is why we developed the Parking Monitor, which helps you find direct answers to all your questions regarding your parking operations.

And the good news is, that the Parking Monitor automatically checks the tariffs charged by curb-side parking machines. Controls are carried out using GPS. The Parking Monitor checks in which zone a machine is located and which rates are applicable. This simple check has already proven it’s worth many times over: it has appeared that when reset many machines automatically reset to an older tariff, that mobile payment zones charge wrong tariffs and that there are differences in tariffs charged by the various mobile payment providers, despite the fact that councils are connected to SHPV.
Although ticketing machines in car parks have other control tools, similar parking tariff errors have also been traced to car park ticketing machines.

We are currently working on making it possible to use the Parking Monitor to reset faulty tariffs, thereby ensuring your revenues are maximised while minimising user complaints.

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Mark Riemslag – Product Manager Parking Monitor